New business for Brazilian logistics

Logistique is one of the largest events in the industry in Brazil that brings together the main market players, solution providers for the logistics, multimodal transport, international trade, intralogistics and technology segments.

It is carried out in the production corridor of South America, contemplated by important industrial and logistic pole. It is configured as a broad and powerful platform for business and network between the sector and brings together the most diverse and recent solutions to meet all the needs and interfaces of the transport chain and logistics.

In 2018 Logistique brought together all the sectors of logistics, adding multimodal transport, intralogistics and international trade and its various service providers and suppliers to the industry. In addition to the public directly connected to logistics, many qualified professionals from other sectors visited the fair, such as manufacturers of auto parts, engines and vehicles, construction industries, household appliances, textile, naval, electrical and pharmaceutical industries, in search of solutions logistics for their companies.

This convergence between the sectors allowed a large volume of business to be held at the fair, which ensured the exhibitors’ satisfaction, and 90% of them confirmed their presence in the 2019 edition of Logistique.

Sectors in Motion

Through four large segments on display, the proposal of LOGISTIQUE
is to present the Perfect Logistics – bringing together all the solutions in one place.

Services, Multimodal Transport and Logistics

Participating in this segment are the main companies in the sector, specialized in solutions for logistics, multimodal transport and services.


Exhibition segment that will bring together traditional and innovative products and solutions in warehouse management, packaging, transportation, storage, protection, handling and internal distribution of loads and materials in its most diverse applications, but highlighting industries, distribution centers and warehouses.

Road Freight Transport

As one of the most representative equipment and means for the transportation of cargoes in our country, the TRC segment will have a specific area in the exhibition where it will bring together its main suppliers.


IT, telematics, e-business, telecommunications, e-commerce, software and systems. In order to meet the growing demand of the sector for innovative solutions, this exhibition area will bring together the main suppliers and the latest trends in technologies, products and systems for the sector.

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