In the production corridor of South America

The host city of the event is strategically located in the Mercosul logistics production corridor. With highways, railroads, ports and airports linking the main productive centers of South America.

All this infrastructure came to meet the industry of Joinville and region, which is one of the most important in the country.

Here are installed big companies like: Amanco, ArcelorMittal, BMW, Catarinense Pharma, Ciser, Dânica, Docol, Döhler, Embraco, Fortlev, Franklin Electric, GM, LS Mtron Brazil, Marisol, Schulz, Tiger, Tupy, Tuper, Weg, Whirpool, just to name a few.

Companies that for years have honored business fairs by participating, visiting and closing contracts. What put Joinville as one of the best commercial axes for holding trade fairs, hosting several national and international events.

At Logistique you have access to these multinationals, as well as their various suppliers, to negotiate and demonstrate their advantages.