Why to Display?

Large companies are including Logistique in their commercial strategies, using it as an ideal platform for presenting their company, launching products and services, finding potential partners, developing business and partnerships

Here are installed big companies like: Amanco, ArcelorMittal, BMW, Catarinense Pharma, Ciser, Dânica, Docol, Döhler, Embraco, Fortlev, Franklin Electric, GM, LS Mtron Brazil, Marisol, Schulz, Tiger, Tupy, Tuper, Weg, Whirpool, just to name a few.



Below we list the main reasons for you to participate in LOGISTIQUE 2019:

  • Introduce yourself at one of the largest industry events in Brazil
  • Directly contact a decision-making public
  • Access to large multinational buyers
  • Demonstrate your products and benefits
  • Strengthen your business relationships and connections with your customers